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Mummy’s Wish is a unique charity providing practical support to mothers diagnosed with cancer..

Mummy’s Wish is a charity focusing on providing practical support and information to mothers diagnosed with cancer who have young children, or are pregnant. 

Mummy’s Wish was founded in 2007 by two Brisbane mums. Through their own experiences with cancer, they understood firsthand the challenges they faced with having a young child and also having cancer.

When a mum is referred to us, one of our Mum’s Support Volunteers visits the mum and discusses the particular details of the mum’s situation. They find out what type of cancer she has, what her treatment will be, details about her family and details about what support she already has. The Mum’s Support Volunteer then discusses with the mum the support that we are able to offer and also advises her of any other support that may be available from other organisations and the government.

Some of the support that Mummy's Wish offers our mums is

o   A website full of information relating to managing cancer whilst you have young children

o   Loan of a laptop with a webcam and wireless broadband access to use whilst they are undergoing treatment in hospital. This allows them to keep up visual contact with their children to do things like read them a night-time story.  The stay in hospital whilst undergoing treatment is often the first time our mums have had nights away from their children. By using the laptop to read their children a story at night time it helps ease the pain of separation between the mums and their families.

o   We give our mums a treat bag full of goodies to brighten their day. Some of these things make the journey with cancer a little easier (e.g. a notepad to help with memory loss, a common side-effect from chemotherapy). However, most of the treats are just to make the mums feel good (like a nice new toiletries bag to use in hospital or a magazine to read).

o   We also put them in contact with companies that agree to support our mums by offering free services, such as family portraits prior to treatment

o   We assist them with referrals and information on other services and support available.

o   We also assist with organising and funding practical help, such as babysitting, house cleaning or parking whilst in hospital.

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