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Our Guarantee

We have a 100% guarantee that you will have a great experience and be wrap with you photo's

  • We have a special prestyling session to discuss all your needs
  • We will suggest what clothes look best
  • We will advise on props you can use and even suggest including the family pet
  • We will give you the time you need at your portrait session so you are not rush
  • We will book a time that is most convenient for you and your family
  • When you arrive we don't rush you into the session but talk to you and make your children feel comfortable
  • You will have a brilliant time.  
  • You can view your portrait within 5 days of your session
  • You we will able to share your portraits with our online system with your family and friends
  • We will have your finish portraits ready within 3 weeks
  • We guarantee you will love your portraits or we will reshoot at our cost
  • We will also keep you update with any studio offer

Book a $75 Portrait Session Today
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TWO 10" x 7"
gift size portraits

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What our clients say

  • "The canvas was received with the biggest smile you've ever seen...just lovely for the giver (me!) so thanks to you and Greg for all your help." 
  • "ABSOLUTELY!  Blessings to you and yours in the "down under"! ! ! VERY impressive the images are great. And, uh, throw another shrimp on the barbie??   LOL"
  • "one word wow! Fabulous job for the lasting moments ... thank you - LOVE them! "
  • "Just wanted to say thank you for ensuring the portraits were ready in time for Simon to travel with. Fabulous portraits.....a lasting memory indeed." 
  • "Thanks for the great experience we had with you... you are the best!"
  • "Thanks for the great photo's (memories). Will be in touch." 
  • "The photos you took were very well appreciated and are fantastic!!!! You made a very great contribution to our life's (sic)." 
  • "We love our portraits and have hung some – and yet to paint the walls of our lounge/entertainment area, for the others.. can't wait.. OMG" In Love and Light, Namaste 
  • "Sorry about not contacting you sooner, but we would like to say thank you for the photo. They all are all awesome... well done Greg"
  • "You have the charm when it comes to photographing children" 
  • "I brought them home that night, and as predicted he cried. The intention to give his mother her's on Christmas fell by the wayside"
  • "We are very happy with the photos. Thank you soooo much!"- David, Nicole & Matisse Weeks
  • "Thank you for your creative talent, and more importantly, than you so much encouraging the inclusion of our family dog."
  • "Amazing guy, amazing concept, amazing pics! I can't wait till next's gonna be a blow-out! I also follow you on Twitter (VBJo) and love your site. Your pictures are an inspiration!" 
  • "The photo's are breathtaking! The service was amazing!" 
  • "These photos have created valuable memories for our family." 
  • "Thank you again for our beautiful photos. Everyone has not stopped gushing about how wonderful they are. As usual the experience was professional yet extremely enjoyable..." 
  • "Just letting you know that I have at last had a look at the website and have seen the photo's again, they are fantastic, can't wait to order more..."