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Lens Cleaning Pen

Open Lens Cleaning Pen
Closed Lens Cleaning Pen

Professional lens cleaning pen that has a retractable brush for removing dust particles on one end and on the other has a cleaning tip with self-replenishing cleaning compound.

First remove particles with the retractable brush; then wipe the lens surface using a smooth one direction motion the cleaning compound easily removes smudges, fingerprints etc. When finished replace the cap over the cleaning tip leaving the cap half-twisted (twisting the cap replenishes the pens cleaning tip).

  • Safe for all lenses, including multi-coated surfaces 
  • Unique cleaning compound will not spill or dry out 
  • Self-replenishing cleaning tip 
  • High quality retractable lens cleaning brush 
  • Non-toxic 
  • Portable 
  • Easy to use 
  • No more having to carry cloths & optical fluid that can spill

This is hands down the best lens cleaning product I have come across. It gets the job done in no-time, without leaving any kind of smearing or residue, and just as quickly is thrown back into the camera bag. Anyone who owns a camera, binoculars, a scope, or any other small glass they wish to see clearly through should have at least one of these pens.